Monday, November 13, 2006

    Coming Soon

    Coming soon:

    -An unexpected yet exciting new career path!

    -An "I swear upon my sweet lil' kitty's soft white belly" new blog entry every other week!

    -Thanksgiving at Bar Americain!

    And in the meantime...

    -Why is it that I forgive Ethan Hawke for leaving Uma Thurman, but not Billy Crudup for leaving Mary-Louise Parker (I mean hello, Fried Green Tomatoes? Proof? Weeds?)? I oohed at the former and booed at the latter (in spite of the latter's applause-worthy monologues) during part one of The Coast of Utopia this past weekend.

    -How much do I love Veselka's hot and cold borscht, stuffed veggie cabbage, and cheese or potato perogies, plus catching up with my former roommate? The service, I don't love so much, but the food, it makes up for it.

    -The new Compass restaurant: no more deluxe red dining booths to splurge in with your NYC BFF before you break up with your boyfriend (who you'll get back together with a few months later and eventually move in with, but you don't know that then) a complex (overly fussy?), whimsical menu, plus a big bang for your prix-fix buck.

    More soon, and happy Thanksgiving!