Sunday, August 26, 2007


    My Whole Foods put out a call for photos of people enjoying beer, to post in their new beer store. I must have been enjoying the Young's Double Chocolate Stout too much in these photos, as they didn't choose mine! Photos by JAL

    Sunday, August 12, 2007


    Grom gelato on the Upper West Side is the newest long line in NYC. I went for the first time today and had the Cioccolato all'arancia, dark chocolate with candied orange, and the Crema di Grom, a creamy mint -- two flavors that definitely didn't go together, but what I wanted nonetheless! What makes Grom unique is that their ingredients are mostly grown on their own farm in Italy, and they make the liquid bases for the gelato in Italy and then ship 'em here to whip and sell. Creamy, rich, dense, flavorful. Very good, great even, but I'm equally happy with Il Laboratorio, and think my favorite ice cream of the summer is 5 Boroughs.