Sunday, August 13, 2006

    Around Town

    I'm in love with Kerry Burke, the pavement pounding heart of Bravo's "Tabloid Wars." At first glance, he's not quite my type, but his pure, effervescent love of the story, his ethics, honesty, and thoughtfulness wake up the little girl in me who dreamed of either being a nose-to-the- ground reporter or an astronaut. Burke says things like, someone's gotta love the perp, even if he doesn't love himself. I don't tend to read the New York Daily News or the Post, just the headlines in the news bins while I careen through the streets, or a few words over a stranger's shoulder on the subway, but I certainly have a much greater appreciation of them now.

    Zippity-doo-daa, Caracas, the Venezuelan arepa spot, recently expanded two doors down from its original location, which is now counter service only. The Times gives it a great review.

    Have you tried the cardamom coffee at Hampton Chutney Co.? Do.

    It was a mystery, it was a Birdbath, and then it was City Bakery's East Village extension. Build a Green Bakery sells CB's famous cookies, coffee, Arnold Palmers and Alice Palmers (anyone know what the latter is?). The store is located on the site of an old family bakery and was redesigned with an "emphasis on environmental good using sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, recycled, recyable, vintage and found materials." The floor is cork, the walls are made of wheat, the wallpaper is recycled polyester, you get the picture. It is clean and stark, with no chairs or stools. When I peek in, I think, is that all there is? Something's missing, maybe the murmur of people. The cookies, thank god, are freshly made.

    Why doesn't NYC have recycling bins on every corner? It's recoculous.

    I tried to go to "Montezuma's Revenge," an exhibit at the Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, where artists comment on recreation, artificial paradise, hedonism, and the pursuit of fun, but I forgot that most of the galleries close on August weekends and could only gaze through the glass and furrow my brow at the merriment that surely awaited inside.

    Someone's gotta love Montezuma even if his own people didn't love him.

    Photo: Me around age five in front of my family's Apple IIe

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