Sunday, January 07, 2007

    In the Pink

    On the flip side of Slices, I'm blogging for AOl's Diet & Fitness channel each weekday this month.

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    I know it's January, I know it's (supposed to be) cold outside, but all I wanna do is eat fro-yo at Pinkberry. The L.A.-launched chain has a location on 32nd St. near 5th Ave., with Chelsea and NoHo next on the list, and not a moment too soon. The yogurt comes in two flavors, plain or green tea. I prefer the plain, which tastes fresh, clean, and a little like sour cream. It supposedly has little to no fat or calories and no preservatives, and that lack of chemically-enhanced flavor really pleases my palate. The toppings are also superb. The fruit, from mango to blueberry, is perfectly diced, just the right temperature, and also very fresh. The other toppings include cereals, dried coconut, nuts, and chocolate or carob chips. Sadly they no longer carry the graham cracker topping. Travel & Leisure calls Pinkberry "The frozen-yogurt taste for caviar stands and Cavalli waistlines."

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    I recently started volunteering at the Union Square Petco, which is home to Kitty Kind, a no-kill group that takes in, cares for, and adopts out kittens and cats. It's rewarding, fun, and makes me want to adopt 20 more cats!

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    Also new for 2007, my new gal pal about town Niteesha and I have decided to make a list of restaurants to try together in the new year, some old, some new. Here are (a few of) mine:

    -Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar
    -The Little Owl
    -Lonesome Dove
    -Sushi of Gari
    -Fatty Crab

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    Today I took some out-of-town guests to brunch at the Hudson Cafeteria in the Hudson Hotel. It's tasty, but even more reason to eat there is to see the beautiful lobby and courtyard, and to do have a celeb-sighting or two. Who knows, maybe one of the hotel's many bars will start carrying Celery Straws!

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